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Kate talks about a lot of the new skin care products on the market, and the benefits that many of them offer. Her discussion also includes some of the recent breakthrough products from New Zealand. What can you learn about skincare from an article published in the New Zealand Herald by an enthusiastic consumer?

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Of course, Kate also talks about the new official website for The Skin Spot where she is listed as the “Managing Editor”. (Incidentally, this is the same website that was sued by Dr. Oz. Will it continue to be the most popular website on the internet? Does Kate talk about this new site in her new article?)

Kate talks about a new treatment called “Corada” which supposedly was developed by an inventor in New Zealand to treat and prevent aging. It claims to contain various proteins that are found in skin creams and moisturizers. Interestingly, when Kate says “lots of women across the globe will swear by it”, she is referring to a product that was actually developed by a company based in South Africa. She further describes how the ingredient “caps-a-gels” are used to apply the product to the face, and a cream is then applied after the face has absorbed it. She says, “If you really want to try Corada” you can, but the best time to do so is when your skin is still “awake”.

In her review of the new website for The Skin Spot, Kate talks about the product Desitin. “Desitin” is the trade name for Vitamin E. It’s a topical solution that is supposed to help smooth out wrinkles and enhance the skin’s appearance. It is touted as a good ingredient to prevent the formation of wrinkles, because Vitamin E can reduce free radical damage and fight damage done by UV rays. However, Vitamin E is actually a good anti-oxidant, not a product to prevent wrinkles.

Kate and Dr. Oz discuss several of the latest skin care products that are on the market, and how they compare to other skin care products that are available in the US. She says that there are no better products for any age group and that “when you look at what is out there” the most important thing is that you “leave nothing to chance”.

Kate’s article on skincare reviews includes an interesting discussion of the difference between the two main types of anti-aging skincare products available in the US: the “over-the-counter” varieties and the “wholesale” ones. The wholesale versions are typically marketed with fancy labels and are often sold to retailers as specialty brands. Because these products are made in less than stellar conditions, they are often considered a waste of money, but Kate defends them and says that even though they are no better for your skin, they are cheaper.

One interesting tidbit about Kate’s article about anti-aging skincare products is that she refers to one product by a totally different name, even though the product is called the same thing. Kate says that she first heard about a product called “sheer skin” and she assumed that it was some sort of moisturizer. To get an actual name, Kate then refers to the product as “sheer skin removal system”.

Because of the level of scientific and medical research and development going on today, Kate is often asked whether there are skincare products out there that really work. Kate will tell you that there are skincare products out there that are getting results, and that it is simply a matter of whether or not the person using the product takes advantage of it. “If you want results”, she says, “you have to go for it”.