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Safety plays an important role in playground construction (안전놀이터). It is therefore, important to choose the right equipment for the playground construction, and also the right material to be used for the playground. The playground should not only provide a safe place for children to play but also a place where parents and teachers can encourage the children to learn and participate actively. A lot of research has gone into designing safe playgrounds. Some of the popular safety playgrounds include:

*NCPA Certified Playground Inspection: A NCPA certification assures the playground contractor that the playground that they are about to construct will meet all standards that are set under the Americans with Disabilities Act. A qualified playground inspection company is recommended. When choosing a contractor, make sure that they have a certificate. It is easy to get one from the local NADA. A good way to confirm the safety of the playground structure is to request a free safety playground inspection. Make sure you get a written report back on the condition of the playground.

* ADA Compliance: Children with physical limitations need special attention. They need safety rules to guide them during playtime. Therefore, it is important to install special equipment in playgrounds that are specially made for these children. In addition, children need to have access to all areas of the playground. This means playground equipment must be wide enough for children to play safely.

* ADA Compliance: All people, whether they are disabled or not, deserve equal rights. Any guidelines or safety rules that are put into place by the American with Disabilities Act should be followed. All equipment used in playgrounds must be ADA compliant. This ensures that all individuals, especially those with disabilities, can use the equipment. To make sure that this is the case, it is important to get a safety inspection done before construction begins on new playgrounds or to review the current safety rules.

* Balancing Your Needs And The Site: Every playground needs to accommodate different sizes and ages of children. Many parents want playgrounds where they can leave their children to play safely and enjoy the park without having to worry about falling or getting hurt. However, other parents want playgrounds where they can leave their children unattended to while doing other things. There are playground safety rules that address balancing your needs with the site and the needs of other children.

* Size And Space: Children should not be crowded into small spaces. One important aspect of playground safety rules is that each child must have a reasonable amount of space to move around safely. Parents need to allow at least one foot space for every two to three feet of playground equipment, depending on the size of the equipment. If a play structure is much smaller than the space allowed, children may not be able to reach or climb the equipment.

* Heed The Warning Signs: All playground safety discussions should begin with clear, concise signs to warn people about hazards. These signs should be posted in places where children can see them. Some great choices for safety-conscious signs include “no climbing,” “don’t play with scissors” and “out of reach.” These signs also give playground owners an opportunity to reinforce their safety rules by reinforcing what each sign stands for.

* Implement Rules: Every playground has its own unique set of safety guidelines and rules. Parents and teachers alike need to work together to determine what the safest possible activities and solutions for each safety rule. Some quick research online can help parents and teachers identify safety rules that could benefit their playground. Remember to always consult safety guidelines before implementing new safety rules. Always remember to test safety rules on a regular basis to ensure kids understand what to do and what is expected of them.