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Umrah is a term used to describe a traditional Islamic pilgrimage that is offered to the world’s seven worldly and sacred cities – Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, The Sacred Mosque in Mecca, the House of Allah in Medina, and lastly the Holy Land (Quraish). It is a time when Muslims from different parts of the world come together to spend at least four days in the Holy City of Mecca. The number of days varies between the different branches of Islam and also by the intention and objectives of the pilgrims.


Umrah or Pakej Umrah is to be performed during the holy month of Ramadan. For Muslims, the holy month of Ramadan is a period when the body and soul are spiritually purified, which, in effect, makes people better able to accept Allah’s invitation to return to Allah. This is because during the months of Ramadan, the soul cleansing from the everyday routine of life is more complete.

Many people may find it hard to make this journey to perform Umrah, but if they can fit it into their schedule, then they can make it easier on themselves. As Muslims prepare for the coming of Ramadan, they know that the break is a time when the body needs to recover and rejuvenate itself. And by ensuring that Umrah will be a part of their daily schedule, they can help themselves feel more refreshed when they actually start their journey to Mecca.

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But what most people do not know is that if they are to perform Umrah, they need to go to Mecca themselves. The people who will take them on their journey will be one of the leaders of the travel group. This is a group of people who have been chosen by the new believers to help them with logistics and organizing the whole process so that they can have the best experience possible.

The journey to Umrah is also considered to be a symbol of the journey from the mundane world to the world of spirituality. In fact, it is supposed to be a symbolic journey where the devotees of Allah will be presented with a visual representation of the goals that they aim to achieve. All who participate in this journey feel a sense of achievement and fulfillment, not only by experiencing what it means to be a Muslim pilgrim but also by fulfilling the purpose for which they are going on this journey.

Umrah is in fact the largest Islamic pilgrimage. There are different varieties of Umrah, which are given according to the time and place that are being selected. There are Umrah packages that can be customized according to the preferences of the people who wish to attend this Islamic pilgrimage.

Umrah is the second largest destination of pilgrimage after Mecca and is also the second largest travel destination in Africa after the East African countries. Because of the religious significance of Umrah, the people who attend Umrah need to be very careful while they choose the destination. They need to make sure that the place that they are going to visit is one that has been sanctified, and this will give them a deeper sense of the God’s blessings.

Umrah is for the devout Muslims who want to undertake a journey that will bless them with God’s presence and goodwill. And also, it is also a time to unite with other Muslims and get to know each other better. This spiritual journey is about being a close family and with everyone understanding the importance of this journey, the journey to Umrah becomes a perfect platform for sharing one’s faith and having meaningful conversations about faith and spirituality.