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What should you do when your toddler hits you? I have many questions about this question that I asked my child one day and then he told me the best thing that you can do is not to hit back. My first question was, “What is the worst thing that can happen when you hit a toddler?”. I have seen a lot of toddlers get hit with a rolling pin and I know that if my child gets hit it is not nice at all and you do not want your child to hit someone else because you do not like that person hitting your child.

Next I ask, “What do you do if your child is having a meltdown in front of the television or when he wants to play alone and he hits the wall in the room where you are watching him?” This is a very common problem and there are things that you can do. You should never let your child leave the house without you should never allow him to walk out the door without you too. Make sure you have him dressed in a long loose pants and shoes and a t-shirt that is not too small and do not allow your child to run around the neighborhood by himself or let your child run around on the sidewalk.

what to do when your toddler hits you

When your child starts hitting on people and you think that there may be more serious problems you should call the police, but there are other things that you can do yourself. You should make sure that you are holding his hand and you should not push his back, but you should try to make him feel like you are there for him. If your child starts crying and screaming and you want to stop this from happening you should try to calm him down.

A good idea is to hold him close to you and just talk to him for a few minutes so that he knows that you care about him. Try to tell him that he does not have to hit others and that you love him. Remember that this is a serious matter and you need to make sure that you do something to stop this from happening.

In the event that your child does not stop hitting people and you want to get him help, you can call the police right away and you should find someone in your area that will take care of your child. This will get your child into rehab immediately. You should also tell your child that if you do not get him help that you will be calling the police on him and the next time that he does something like this you will be there in two weeks time and you will get him in trouble. and your child is still going to school and you cannot control him because you can not stop him from hitting other people.

So if you want to know what to do when your toddler hits you, remember that you should not hit back. If your child is going to hit someone else you should let them know what you are going to do and the next time that you see them you will tell them that. If you do not see them, then you can call the police because they will be sure to come to help you out. If you are not getting them help because of a hit and run rule that you should also tell your child that he should keep the car in a safe place and not go out in public anymore because it is the worst thing that you can do when you do not get your child in rehab.