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Are you a college student and you’re about ready to begin apartment hunting? Or are you someone who’s searching for an apartment for the first time? Regardless of how you’re starting out, here are a few apartment hunting tips that can help you make the most of your summer apartment hunting experience.

The first thing that you absolutely must do before you begin apartment hunting is to properly budget exactly how much money you’ll be spending on your new apartment. This includes not just your rent, but all utilities, groceries, and any other move-in expenses that you anticipate. Also keep in mind any extra payments that you may have such as phone bill, gas, parking, internet, electricity and any others. Once you’ve determined your monthly budget, you can start looking at various New York City apartments to choose from.

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When you’re apartment hunting in New York City, one of the best ways to save money is by paying a lower rent amount with a higher security deposit. Many apartment dwellers will usually pay a higher rent amount and a lower security deposit, simply because they’re afraid that if they don’t keep the apartment clean and comfortable they’ll lose their security deposit and be forced to move out. To avoid this problem, simply set up a monthly cleaning contract with your landlord. If you pay your rent on time and maintain the apartment, your deposit will be refunded to you along with your security deposit. You will also avoid the risk of losing your deposit if you ever have to leave the apartment.

If you are interested in finding an apartment in New York City, one of the best ways to save money is by renting through a co-op. Co-ops work much the same as apartments, except you’re not leasing one room but a part of a larger cooperative. In a co-op, landlords must divide their rent between all of the apartment dwellers equally. The landlords are in turn paid by the co-op membership fees.

One of the advantages of finding an apartment in New York City with a co-op is that you are able to save both money and aggravation. First, if your apartment is destroyed by fire or flooding, you don’t have to pay for damages. You only pay for the apartment you’re renting. Also, if you’re able to fix the apartment yourself, you don’t have to pay for repairs out of your pocket.

Another thing about apartments in New York City that is worth your while is the chance to find the perfect home through real estate marketing. There are several real estate agencies that can help you find apartments and homes for rent. These businesses specialize in helping people find apartments, condos, houses, and so on. They also help people negotiate the terms of their lease. If you’re not familiar with the process, they are happy to show you the ropes.

Apartment hunting during the summer is the best time to get deals. Many landlords want to keep their rentals vacancy at a minimum during the summer because it’s a time when most people move out of the city. They don’t have to deal with any of the hassles that come with trying to find renters during the school year. A good real estate agent will make it their business to find great accommodations for their clients. If you live in Manhattan or even Brooklyn, you could benefit from a broker.

If you’re looking for a more affordable apartment, you may want to consider a short-term lease. These are typically cheaper than long-term leases, but the landlord still has the right to kick you out once the lease is up. If you plan to stay for at least a few months you can often find a great deal. Remember to bring a security deposit and be sure to read your lease carefully. This will help you avoid problems later.