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If you love to travel and want to make your travelling experience an adventure, rail tours in Canada provide a great option. Train travel across Canada is unique in the way that it guides its travelers along the country’s most beautiful and scenic route. From Montreal to Vancouver, these routes are spectacular and offer tourists great scope for photography and enjoyment. The best part of this traveling experience is that these trains are not very expensive and provide for a great deal of convenience.

One of the most popular train tours in Canada is the Canada Northern Express (ANN). It travels between the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Ontario, making it a perfect cross-country train tour. The journey takes about seven hours and covers some of the most beautiful areas in Canada. You can enjoy lots of photo opportunities along the way, including viewing First Nations art, seeing wildlife and birds, and exploring some of the indigenous Canadian history.

Rail tours in Canada

Another popular train tour in Canada is the Yukon Railway. This train ride takes about seven hours from Toronto and aims at providing visitors with the chance to see the beauty of the Canadian tundra. Passengers can stop and enjoy sights such as remote villages, glaciers, forests, and rivers as well as many gold mines.

The West Coast Railway Tourist Train departs from Vancouver and heads towards the southernmost tip of British Columbia. Here, it passes through Kamloops, Sidney, Nanaimo, and Maple Ridge, all of which are among Canada’s most popular cities. On your tour, you can also visit Victoria and Sydney, two of the most populated cities in Australia. Although this train ride is a bit longer than other trains, it provides more opportunity for scenery viewing and you get to see some of the most spectacular places in Canada.

The Pacific Railway Tourist Train departs Toronto and heads towards Kelowna. Unlike the aforementioned two routes, this one offers a lot more in terms of scenery and culture. Here, you get to visit Tillicum, an old-growth forest in British Columbia, which has been declared a World Heritage Site. You can also make your way towards the Okanagan, where lush green alpine meadows abound. Here, you will be able to experience a unique sense of wildness.

The Peace Corp’s Route No Names is one of the most popular tours in Canada. The route coversquit behind Invermere, BC, just north of Kitchener. While on this railway tour, you can see colonial-styled houses, mountain bikers, and local artisans. While on this route, it is best to go west toward Peace Corp headquarters.

The Campbell’s Train is a route that follows the shores of Georgian Bay. It passes through Vancouver, BC, Victoria, Whistler, and Okanagan. The train heads towards Fort Nelson, BC, and then continues towards Jasper, BC. While on this tour, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular views of Howe Sound and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. However, the train does not actually operate between these three destinations but only travels from one to the other.

The Sky Train traverses between Montreal and Toronto, travelling along the CPR/LSR Line. For this particular tour, you can expect to see both the Canadian Arctic Arch and Louis Ribbere Island. One interesting fact about this railway is that it only runs during certain times of the year (usually spring and fall). If you are one of those lucky few who get to ride on this train, it is advised that you plan your trip ahead as the railway service operates on all four sides of the Canadian Rockies.

For those not interested in travelling by train, there is always the option to tour Canadian Oil Sands Railway (CanSands). The most notable feature about this railway is the picturesque landscape it passes through. One side of the railway features steep climb and treacherous descents; however, on the other side, there are wide open spaces and rolling hills. As you go along this route, you will also see the unique geological formation known as the “Jasper Rocks”.

The last way to see some of the most popular sights in Canada is by taking the “North Canadian Mountain Rail Tour” through Jasper, Alberta. The train leaves Edmonton and heads towards Thunder Bay, Ontario. The train will eventually arrive at the imposing Canadian Museum of History. As you travel along this route, you will be able to witness the tragic events that took place here during the Ice Age. This route also takes you close to several attractions in Thunder Bay including the Canadian Museum of History, the Royal Canadian Museum, Hector’s Shipyard and the Samsonite Cruise terminal.

Rail tours in Canada are a good way to explore the country and give you an idea of the vast areas of the various provinces. In addition, you will be able to choose the best railway for your travelling needs based on your budget and needs. When planning your railway tour, it is important to know more about the area you plan to visit. For example, certain areas are more suitable for hiking and biking and others are more suitable for visiting historical sites and attractions. By consulting a map, you will be able to determine which places are appropriate for you so that you will also save time when travelling in the area.