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It seems like everyone has a ClickFunnels review out these days. Most of them are fairly positive but there are a few people that call this affiliate marketing program “the best affiliate marketing course” out there. Let’s look at the ClickFunnels review and find out if it really is the best affiliate marketing program or not.

The ClickFunnels review first appeared on Amazon, which is the largest e-book seller online. They chose to put the ClickFunnels review up at the very top of their ClickFunnels reviews page to draw more people in. Of course, ClickFunnels was given a low rating.

The company had only one customer that gave it a high rating, which was because of its training tools. But the reason they gave it a four-star rating was because the rest of the people they spoke with were not successful and used their money to purchase ClickFunnels products.

It’s hard to argue with any kind of a negative review when you are talking about an affiliate marketing program that costs less than a month’s subscription to You can get hundreds of other positive reviews if you look hard enough. There are certainly not a lot of people who say they are using ClickFunnels to make six figure incomes but it does seem like many people will use it and have success.

That’s the problem with a lot of affiliate marketing courses, most of them end up being a waste of time. Not only are they a waste of time, they usually don’t work. If you read a lot of reviews, there are many examples of people who have used ClickFunnels and succeeded and made six-figure incomes.

The ClickFunnels review is littered with complaints and probably would be better off going by the comments on their page. People claim the program doesn’t work, the way to use the program is wrong, that they are paying too much for ClickFunnels products and so on. ClickFunnels’ lack of success isn’t the main reason why the reviews are bad but rather the people doing the complaining.

There are plenty of sites that offer more detailed reviews and many of them will tell you why a certain program is or isn’t the best affiliate marketing course out there. The ClickFunnels review shows just how much people care about the product and how they try to discredit it every chance they get. It’s just so sad that a product that has great reviews can’t last more than a day on Amazon.

People complain about ClickFunnels because it isn’t very good. This could be a solid review, just not a good ClickFunnels review.