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When I was first buying my new Honda, I did a Honda service check up at an auto repair Seattle pro. As I do with all of my automobiles, the mechanic near me suggested that I should change my tires because they were old and worn out. Not like the other ones on the block but still just like any other car out there. It made me wonder if I could perform a service check up on my own car as well.

Honda service

I decided to make a list of all the parts and services that I might need when doing a service check up on my car. I think that I could probably save money if I did this a few times throughout the year. I also figured that I would be able to get more in terms of suggestions from the mechanic near me. Of course, it never occurred to me to ask him what his own suggestions were. And I guess this is a good thing because he would have been all over me about his own recommendations.

The first thing that I did was check the tires. Because I live in Seattle, most of the time the weather is good. In my case, since I don’t have a car wash down here, I had the mechanic near me change the tires because he said it was important to make sure that the front and rear tires were replaced every year.

Next, I checked the air filter hoses. I was able to get some suggestion from the mechanic near me about which brands to use for which replacement. But if I have the choice, I always go with Mobil or Honda.

After that, I got out my car and did a tune-up. I actually thought I would do this one at home. I have a good mechanic down the street from me so I would have had to spend a good amount of money to do this one. But we did the tune-up while my wife satin the car waiting. I think she enjoyed it even though she didn’t look at it long enough to notice the difference.

That is where my Honda service check up began. I was very happy with how I was able to choose all of the services that I needed to do on my car. My suggestions would have been cheaper and I would have been able to have my engine work done at the same time.

Like I said before, sometimes we get a chance to cut costs. And if you are not too familiar with how the mechanics do things, you might want to take advantage of it. A Honda service check up is a great way to cut your costs by not having to hire an outside service person.