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“NASHVILLE Suboxone Treatment is a highly rated, state certified outpatient addiction facility using Suboxone to help individuals overcome addictive opioid dependence, substance abuse, depression and other emotional issues. Our experienced and well-trained physicians, counselors, psychologists, and support staff are committed to helping you get on the road to recovery from addictions such as prescription drug and alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, and illegal drug and/or alcohol use. New and returning clients may begin same-day treatment using our highly-integrated telemedicine system for just $350 per month, giving you full access to medical and psychological care at your convenience.

We offer state-of-the-art technology and clinical staff to ensure that you have a comfortable and safe environment to receive the assistance you need. Our skilled professionals will give you expert treatment in an atmosphere that will make you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease, which in turn will allow you to focus on your recovery.

Suboxone Doctors In Nashville

Nashville Addiction Clinic

We are committed to providing a safe and compassionate outpatient facility for our patients. We work diligently to keep the environment clean and free of drugs, alcohol, weapons, and any other illicit materials. As part of our continuing education programs, we teach our patients the signs and symptoms of addiction as well as the steps to recovery. The Nashville Suboxone Clinic TN program helps our patients to achieve a sense of personal control and self-direction through our medication-assisted therapies. Our counselors, physicians, and staff will educate you on the treatment process and how to recognize the signs and symptoms of addiction.

For those who do not qualify for residential treatment, there is an outpatient detoxification program. This allows the patient to receive the medication treatments at home while avoiding the high costs associated with residential treatment. Our doctors and staff are available to make sure that your recovery goes smoothly at home or at your doctor’s office. Our team members are compassionate, patient-centered, and understand the need for you to succeed.

With a trained staff to manage your case, we are committed to serving you with personalized care and attention to your treatment needs. You will have access to on-site specialists when you visit the clinic for consultation and assessments, as well as to your physician if needed. You will be referred to the appropriate health care provider for medication-assisted therapy sessions, counseling, individual or group therapy, physical therapies, family therapy, and group therapy, support groups and relapse prevention, life coaching, etc. Our skilled staff is knowledgeable about your needs and is dedicated to helping you recover and move forward with confidence.

Our Nashville Suboxone Clinic TN staff is committed to providing compassionate care and respect for every member of our community. With a variety of support groups for your family and friends, we are committed to working with you and providing you with information that will aid you in your journey to recovery.

We are located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, the largest city in Tennessee. Nashville is known for its many attractions and offers a great number of activities for both residents and visitors. For this reason, it is important for people to seek the services of an Addiction Center so that they can enjoy a safe and secure environment where they can seek treatment without having to worry about the safety of others or the dangers of using medications. We take special care in preparing our Nashville SuboxONE Clinic Nashville patients for these events.

It is extremely important for us to provide our patients with an environment where they feel comfortable and confident, and where their addict’s safety and welfare are our primary concern. To do this, we have taken great care in planning the facility for your convenience and comfort while allowing our staff to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively. In addition to serving our Nashville SuboxONE Clinic patients, we are also committed to educating the public about this type of medical treatment and how it can positively impact their lives.