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You may have never heard of Norman Ebenstein until now. But if you are a real estate investor, then you should know about him. If you are a real estate company, you should know about him as well. This article will take a look at Norman Ebenstein, one of the most prominent real estate family names in America. And the focus of this article is on his family, his two children, his son-in-law and his legacy.

As you read this article you will learn about Norman Ebenstein and what makes him such a formidable real estate family name. A review of the Ebensteins by other real estate company owners can show that they have a reputation for being outstanding individuals and leaders. And, according to court documents, Norman Ebenstein has always been honest with his family members about his business and family dealings. He has even been scrupulous enough to pay his family members to write positive articles about him. So, it is not too surprising that many of us will be looking at Norman Ebenstein as a family member of honor.

Norman Ebenstein started his business with his cousin Harry Warren in a small real estate company in New York City. This company, called the W.K. Enterprises, had many different properties to invest in, but their specialty was apartment buildings. Their business would later encompass other buildings including shopping malls and hotels. And, after a few years, Norman Ebenstein decided to expand the company and open several more locations.

In the late sixties and early seventies Norman Ebenstein Investments was a huge success. His company was so successful that in the late eighties his company was sued by the Federal Trade Commission for securities fraud. The reason the FTC sued them was because they had done business in investments which they had not disclosed to their investors. Once again, due to good business practices Norman Ebenstein was able to retain his position as CEO and continue to serve as a key leader of one of the most successful companies in America.

Who is Norman ebenstein? Again, another quick answer. Because Norman Ebenstein is such an accomplished, honest businessman, as shown above, and also because his family has always been committed to providing their wealth to worthy causes, it is very likely that Norman Ebenstein is indeed, in fact, “Who is Norman ebenstein?” His name is a simple reference from his family name, and also because of the name of his company, W.K. Enterprises.

W.K. Enterprises is a direct selling company. This means that the founder of the company, John D. Ebenstein, believed strongly in his business model. His beliefs also included strong support for Christian beliefs and an appreciation of the vision of Dr. Norman Vincent Peal, the well-known author, whose books have sold millions of copies. John D. Ebenstein also believed strongly that education could be a powerful motivating force for change. He thought that the primary motivating force for change should come from within rather than from forces outside of the individual. This explains why Norman Vincent Peal’s name is also on the Board of directors of W.K. Enterprises.

Another important question might be, “Why should we care what is Norman ebenstein?” This question should be asked, even if we do not care what W.K. Enterprises or any other direct selling company does. After all, a question regarding who is Norman ebenstein? might make you more aware of the person, the ideas he supports, and the theories of motivation behind his family’s real estate business.

In my opinion, answers to the question of who is Norman ebenstein? can only be found in the answers he gives us through his words, articles, interviews, and published works. His words and the ideas he expresses are directed at helping people. His questions and his answers help us to develop new ways of thinking and actions. His works will continue to be available to people, for the rest of their lives, as long as we hold our belief that inspiration and education are powerful forces to be utilized in enriching our lives.