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“Whale Watching in Hervey Bay, Australia” is the name of a whale watching adventure aboard a small whale watching boat that visits Hervey Bay, the only place in Australia where humpback and white whales migrate. “Whalesong Cruises” is the name of the premium mid-size whale watching and charter boat, with an emphasis on ecological practices, education, conservation and enjoyment for all. With over eight hundred passengers on board the Hervey Bay Whale Watching Boat Hervey Bay, the captain and crew conduct tours to allow participants to see and hear all the marine life, while providing an interactive learning experience.

Whale watching in Hervey Bay, Australia also includes viewing the Hervey Bay Whales migrating, while touring the beautiful Hervey Bay Reef. In addition to seeing the Hervey Bay Whales, “Whale Watching in Hervey Bay” allows participants to visit the nearby Hervey Bay Marine Park and Dolphin Research Center. Visitors will also get an opportunity to enjoy guided tours of the Australian Marine Museum and take a one-on-one tour of the Hervey Bay Marine Park’s Dolphin Rescue Center.

Fraser Island Boat Cruise
Fraser Island Boat Cruise

“Whale Watching in Hervey Bay, Australia” offers two to three hours of whale watching, and allows participants to have lunch and dinner on board. They also have access to the Hervey Bay Wharf and other attractions.

During the summer months, “Whale Watching in Hervey Bay, Australia”, provides an exciting experience as the boats set out on their trip, and whale watching cruises on the whaling ships provide spectacular sights to the tourists. The Whaling Ships departs from Hervey Bay and travels to the Great Barrier Reef in order to make whale watching trips possible, and the cruises include a special “Whale Watching at Hervey Bay, Australia”. During these cruises, the passengers of the Whale Watching Ship Hervey Bay are able to view a variety of whales in their natural habitat.

While aboard “Whale Watching in Hervey Bay, Australia”, the passengers can also view a variety of marine life in the waters around Hervey Bay, including whales, dolphins and sharks. At certain times, the Whaling Ships stops in the water in order to take photos with their passengers, and offers them an opportunity to feed the animals.

Each of the Whale Watching Cruises on the Hervey Bay Whale Watching, Boat, Australia, offers both live aboard and on-board entertainment, including, a live band, lounge and a bar. The Whale Watching Cruises at Hervey Bay is operated by the Whale Watching Company and is located at the Whalling Shipyard, just north of Hervey Bay on Fraser Island.