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Combining a brand new tuned hammer action, new sampled speaker system and newly graded-hammer keys, the Kawai ES 110 is truly an unparalleled keyboard instrument for professional music production. The included electronic sound processing system, featuring a compressor, a mid-range resonator, an audio amplifier and high-frequency oscillator generates a realistic harmonic experience. Utilizing a newly designed octave-edge compression system, the kawai ES110 gives you the freedom and control over several parameter changes, including volume, treble, bass, treble and more. Thanks to its advanced Harmonic Imaging noise technology and comprehensive collection of 19 different noises, the ES 110 provides high-quality sound reproduction for all types of music no matter what genre you’re into. The included electronic music software program also enables you to make extensive usage of the synthesizer and other parameters.

A powerful professional-grade keyboard with a large octave envelope and two onboard tuners, the kanji es110 is truly one for serious studio work or in the home studio. Its compact size and user-friendly interface make it an ideal partner for your other equipment. Simply plugging it in, the kanji es110 is ready to rock. With its standard three-octave keyboard sounds and various octave and chord melody combinations, you’ll have hours of musical fun. It’s also perfect for making demos or instructional CDs, as it includes a virtual keyboard, a user-interface program and sample playback. You can save and recall up to nine favorite songs and hundreds of songs you’ve stored on your computer with the included PC software program.

kawai es110

In addition to being extremely compact and affordable, the Kawai ES 110 is perfect for both students and professionals at all skill levels. Its relatively low price range fits perfectly within the budget of most students. Its solid construction ensures long-lasting durability. Unlike many portable pianos, the kanji es110 comes with a weighted keyboard and larger octave envelope for enhanced accuracy. The combination of its solid construction, high octave envelope, and a great price make this keyboard perfect for students and professionals.

One feature that sets the Kawai ES 110 apart from many piano models is its integrated speakers. This system is specifically designed for headphones use, and there are separate left and right ears so you can hear each speaker independently. This set-up also means you get the best sound clarity out of your headphones. A previous model of the es100 included an external stereo speaker system with separate left and right speakers, which were not only bulky and inefficient, but also muffled the music and sounded cheap. The speakers of the Kawai ES 110 are much more efficient than previous models and produce far more refined sounds with far less distortion.

The integrated speakers of the Kawai ES 110 are also accompanied by two further innovations: the presence of the headphone jack, and the presence of its two USB ports. Although the headphones jack is not particularly useful, it does allow you to use headphones when you aren’t playing any tunes, which can be very useful if you want to listen to music while you’re travelling. However, the two USB ports are useful in that they allow you to connect your computer to your ipod and other electronic devices, which help you stay organized.

One thing that isn’t quite as well known about the Kawai ES 110 is that it can play polyphonic compositions such as those played on real grand pianos. The sustain pedal allows you to emulate piano styles from genres such as classical, jazz, or blues. This pedal works with notes pressed on the keys and is activated with the help of another device such as a foot pedal, or with the piano keys themselves. If you have never played a polyphonic composition before, you should really try out this product; it’s not only interesting to learn how it works, but it can provide you with a whole new way to play music!